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Bye to Article 28 of the Ley Hipotecaria (in Spanish mortgage law), WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

From today, Friday, 3rd September 2021, Article 28 of the Mortgage Law, by which the non-forced heirs (siblings, cousins, nephews, …) could not sell the properties without waiting two years, in case another heir appeared, which has always been considered very unfair, due to the costs that inheritances already have. On 3 June 2021, Law […]


The 12-month Euribor ends August with a new decline. Specifically, it recorded a monthly average of -0.498%. This is the third lowest figure in the historical series, only surpassed by January and February of this year, and will reduce thousands of mortgage repayments. From this autumn, mortgages awaiting the annual review of mortgage loans for […]

How can I amortise the installation of solar panels in my home?

Amortising the installation of solar panels is now a reality, the use of this renewable energy is no longer an exorbitant expense. The initial investment is now easier to recover. 1. Why are solar panels profitable? Solar panels are also cost-effective for single-family homes and condominiums. There are two reasons for this. On the one […]

Clauses that are null and void and are frequent in rental contracts after the latest reform of the LAU (Law of Urban Leases).

Tenancy agreements are often signed with invalid clauses that alternate the rights of the tenants The latest rental reform, which came into force on 5 March 2019, has partially revised the Urban Leases Act (LAU). However, rental contracts are still often signed with invalid clauses that violate tenants’ rights. 1.- Minimum duration of the rental […]

What is a DAFO, why is it necessary and when should it be performed?

WHAT IS THE DAFO? The DAFO is a document issued by the Town Hall which certifies that the property cannot be subject to penalties or demolition and offers maximum security to the buyer. It basically regulates the legal situation of rustic properties that do not have a licence of first occupation and that are built […]

360º walk, through the second hand market in Nerja

The second hand flea market in NERJA takes place every Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It is located in the town hall, at the end of Calle Cisne next to the roundabout. It is located in the town hall, at the end of Calle Cisne, next to the roundabout. How to get to [...]

The city bus will be free for the residents of Torrox.

Torrox wants to “revolutionise” public transport. The Town Hall announced this Thursday that it will be free “for all residents”, as well as extending the coverage to reach, for the first time, to the border with Nerja. In addition, thanks to new technologies, users will now be able to keep track of the timetables, both […]

What is green energy and how can it be contracted at home?

Green electricity allows more ecosystem-conscious consumers to use electricity obtained from natural resources. What do we mean by green electricity? Green energy, also known as renewable energy or clean energy, is energy produced from 100% renewable sources. It is generated and fed into the electricity grid, where it is difficult to distinguish it from non-renewable […]

Recommendations for household savings

By following these simple tips, you can reduce your household expenses. Electricity, water, heating … you will be surprised how easy it is to save with small acts.  -Structure your lighting. Lighting accounts for almost 20% of energy consumption. You should effectively plan the highlights and install systems that control their intensity, such as dimmers […]

Seguridad integral para tu inmueble

f you have home insurance for your home, you will be financially protected from certain problems and claims that may occur at home. However, there are many security systems that can prevent certain accidents in the home. Deciding which one is most effective or suitable for your situation or your family can even be complicated. […]

Main details to consider for propane and butane gas in the home

Both propane and butane gas have many characteristics. However, their use and organisation distinguishes the two modes of energy installation in living spaces. In this sense, it is important to compare their cost and effectiveness in the home, so that in addition to ensuring energy efficiency, the system can also be adapted to the needs […]

Expenses and taxes to be paid when buying a property in 2021

Mortgage loans are not the only major expense involved in buying a home. In fact, in order to formalise the deal and become the owner of the property, there are many expenses and taxes to be faced. Between the valuation of the house, the notary, the registry and the corresponding taxes (VAT, ITP…), depending on […]

Electricity tariff adjustment in 2021

Compared to previous years, the price of electricity in 2021 will change, so its cost will be slightly revised. These new versions were scheduled to be launched in November 2020, but due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, they will be postponed until 1 April this year. This new electricity bill will not have […]

Advantages of installing an alarm in the home, including rental homes

Many times, you want to know if you really need an alarm to protect your home. No matter where you are, you should know that alarms are one of the best security features. Whether it is to prevent burglaries or to intercept when necessary, alarms provide the best protection. However, if you have any doubts, […]

Which electricity tariff best suits my needs?

We live in a society full of advertising messages. Many electricity companies promise the biggest savings, offering unbeatable prices for the best tariffs, but is this the reality of the case? How can you be sure that it really is the best for you? Electricity prices change frequently, so you need to choose the right […]

El gobierno revisa la orden anti-desalojo y protege a los ocupantes ilegales vulnerables, incluso si cometen delitos

The government has made important changes to the regulation, seeking to protect vulnerable families on alert (until 9 May). This change, which comes as a surprise, comes barely a month after activating the ban on evictions. Specifically, the Royal Decree, which was passed to introduce the disadvantaged status, was published in the Official Gazette (BOE) […]

The importance of the change of owner in the electricity supply in a rental

Every time a tenant leaves the house or enters a residential area, changing ownership of the supplies is an important and sometimes tedious process. But this is very important. It must be done well, otherwise, if it is not done correctly, it can cause inconvenience and debt to the landlord. By changing the owner, you […]

The arrival of the Covid vaccine19 will increase bookings on the holiday rental market in 2021

The holiday rental market has been affected by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and the entire tourism industry. So far, compared to previous years, restrictions and restrictions on people entering and leaving Spain have reduced bookings and increased market revenues. AvaiBook, the leading software for managing holiday homes in Spain, Italy and Portugal, has been analysing […]

What is the 3% retention on the purchase price from a non-resident

If you are buying a property in Spain from a person resident abroad, before going to the notary’s office, you should know that the taxes that correspond to the seller in this transfer, will have to be paid by you to the Public Treasury. For that reason you will have to withhold 3% of the […]

Spanish government prepares a decree to postpone evictions

The coalition government is negotiating the drafting of a law on a royal decree that extends the suspension of housing evictions until the end of the state of alert, after Congress ruled out changes to Podemos, ERC and Bildu in the 2021 budgets. The House rejected the proposal because it was not a budget issue. […]

According to the Lease Negotiation Agency: Housing investments benefit a person more than a company

En los últimos años, la vivienda de inversión ha sido una de las opciones más atractivas. Debido a los rendimientos más bajos de los depósitos y bonos, y la alta volatilidad del mercado de valores, muchas personas han saltado a las filas de la compra y el alquiler de casas.

Greater control by the Treasury and the pandemic are turning hundreds of holiday rentals into long-term rentals

Following the setback of the Supreme Court ruling that annulled the model established to control tourist rental income, the Ministry of Finance is now finalizing a new system. It intends to introduce a new obligatory information declaration for all persons, entities and collaborative platforms such as Airbnb related to tourist rentals, through the Tobin Tax […]

The Port of Torrox is one step closer to becoming a reality

The Councillor of the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior of the Andalusian Regional Government recently visited the town during his official visit to the municipality, where he was received by the Mayor. As far as the Marina project is concerned, it is a firm commitment that La Axarquía will have an environmentally sustainable marina, […]

The UE High Court agrees to control holiday rentals if there is a shortage of residential rentals

The Grand Chamber of the European Court confirms the rule in France, which requires authorisation from local authorities to allow tourist rentals. The European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of the law applied in France requiring prior authorisation from local councils to allow tourist rentals. The Court considers that the French legislation is […]


Occupation of a dwelling that is neither consented to nor tolerated is not a title to possession of a dwelling, nor does it find any protection in the constitutional right to enjoy decent housing. In other words, occupation occurs when some people illegally enter a home, premises and property, without any contract or title. The […]

New blow to the banks and the Spanish Supreme Court, the European High Court rules in favor of full refund of mortgage expenses

Another very interesting ruling is given by the European High Court on 16 July 2020. In the judgment with joined cases C-224/19, C-259/19, it rules on the payment of mortgage costs (derived from the formalization of mortgage loans, such as notary, registration, agency, appraisal and taxes) arising from the declaration as abusive of a clause […]

How is the mortgage and house rent moratorium like?

The government has decided to extend the package of social measures it has already decreed in the midst of the coronavirus scare. These include extending the deadlines for applying for a moratorium on the payment of mortgages and rent to large landowners until the end of September. In addition, rental contracts that have expired during […]

Two university students from Malaga patent a screen for the hotel industry to gain capacity without neglecting the protection against the Covid-19

Two university students from Malaga patent a screen for the hotel industry to gain capacity without neglecting the protection against the Covid-19 Alberto Domingo (19 years old) is studying second year of Industrial Engineering at Tecnun, School of Engineering of the University of Navarra based in San Sebastian and his brother Emilio (23 years old) […]

What will deconfinement be like for real estate agencies?

The deconfinement measures announced by the Government envisage the staged re-activation of economic and business activity in several phases. But how will we apply them in the real estate sector? Phase 0: customer service by appointment The pre-deconfinement stage, baptized as phase 0, will begin on May 4 and foresees the opening of commercial premises […]

How to terminate your energy contracts before moving to Andalusia?

You’re going to start a new life in the town of Andalusia? How nice! Now all you have to do is terminate your energy contracts before moving in and get everything in order. To help you with this important task, we will be explaining everything you need to know to cancel the electricity service, as […]

Eight provinces or eight reasons why Andalusia is one of the most popular destinations in the world

Spain is divided into 17 regions that, in their own way, encapsulate the rich diversity of the nation and its people. If the focus were to be on one region that brought all that diversity together in a universal microcosm of Spain, it would be Andalusia. Stretching from the modern Mediterranean coast to the rustic […]

New EU blow to Spanish banks, now for the IRPH

The European Court of Justice has ruled that IRPH index for mortgages may be abusive. The European Court of Justice (TEU) ruled today, Tuesday 3 March 2020, that the clause in a mortgage loan contract concluded between a consumer and a professional, with the controversial mortgage index (IRPH), “falls within the scope of the Unfair […]

Beware of “cyber-scams” in the Real Estate sector

The National Federation of Real Estate Agencies (FAI) warns about cyber-scams in the real estate sector due to the weakness of the housing rental market, as some real estate agents who have been victims of these scams have denounced and brought to the attention of the federation. The most recent case, about which the group […]

The Constitution Court only changes a slight thing to the royal decree adopted in March 2019 on the subject of long term rentals

And no, it does not affect the duration of contracts or the limitation of guarantees It has only annulled, on the grounds of its unconstitutional nature, an additional provision of the Royal Decree Law, which regulated housing rental contracts. A ruling partially upholds the appeal lodged by the Partido Popular, which questioned the “extraordinary and […]


According to data from the Ministry of Development, the housing stock in Spain is estimated at almost 26 million homes at the end of 2018; on the other hand, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) indicates that the number of homes to be rented is 17% of the total, with 76% owned and the rest […]

What to do if you have problematic tenants

Renting a property is always a challenge, both for tenants and owners. So important is to find a good landlord as with a good rented. It may be that the tenant is loud and conflicting. In this post, we give you the keys to this problem and how to solve it. Landlords in front of […]

El Acebuchal, the village between Cómpeta and Frigiliana that was abandoned and is now a rural paradise.

El Acebuchal, one of the few Andalusian towns still to be reached by dirt road, emerges among the pines that make up the Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama. Although administratively it belongs to Cómpeta, it is nevertheless from Frigiliana, about 8 km away, from where one climbs to this lost […]

How to apply for a mortgage?

When we decide to buy a property, the mortgage becomes an essential procedure in most cases. For which at least, we must have 20% of the capital saved, as mortgage lenders do not reach more than 90% of the appraisal value. One of the most important variables to determine the price of the mortgage of […]

The Constitutional Court annuls the Plusvalia Tax, if it is greater than the gain obtained from the sale of the property.

The Plusvalia Tax, is the tax that is paid when a house is sold with profits, it is annulled, if the amount exceeds the profit by the sale of the good. The Constitutional Court has just declared the collection of this tax unconstitutional in those cases in which the amount payable by the taxpayer is […]

The deposit contract, what it is and what it should include

The literal definition of the Deposit Agreement “It is a private contract where both parties (buyer and seller) agree on the reservation of the sale of property or real estate (such as a home), giving as proof an amount of money as a deposit. In spite of being a private contract, it is of vital […]

Study reveals relationship between housing price rise and vacation ownership

In order to find out whether the increase in the number of tourist accommodation that has recently taken place in many Spanish cities is one of the factors affecting the increase in the price of housing, a study has been carried out to see whether it is real or not. Thanks to the results of […]

The Governing Council approves the decree law that will solve the problem of irregular housing (Axarquia)

The Council of Government has approved the Decree Law of Urgent Measures for the Environmental and Territorial Adaptation of Irregular Buildings, which aims to resolve a situation that affects more than 300,000 families in Andalusia. This rule, in the development of which the collaboration of the affected owners and town councils will be fundamental, tries […]

The Andalusian Government agrees a plan with 112 measures to minimize the effects of Brexit

The Governing Council has approved an Andalusian Programme of Preparatory Measures for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, which includes 112 preparedness and contingency measures in order to minimise the effects and consequences of Brexit, especially in the Campo de Gibraltar. On 12 March 2019, the Governing Council agreed to formulate the aforementioned […]

The president of La Junta de Andalucía is committed to solving the irregular situation of 300,000 properties

Recently, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, reiterated the firm commitment of the Andalusian Government to families in possession of a house in an irregular situation. A condition that affects, according to an estimate of the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, some 300,000 properties for several decades. He has done […]

Costa del Sol leads in second home prices in Spain with hard Brexit coming

The market for second homes in Spain continues to grow this summer with a notable increase in both local and foreign demand. In this sense, 70% of second homes in Spain are located in coastal areas, both on the peninsular coast and in the archipelagos of the Balearic and Canary Islands. The areas of greatest […]

Spain declared the healthiest country in the world in a study by Bloomberg

Spain is the healthiest country in the world, at least that is what Bloomberg, the famous news agency for financial institutions, has announced.  Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index Bloomberg gives Spain a score of 92.7 out of 100 after moving up five positions since the last analysis in 2017, and highlights the quality of the public […]


There is no denying that the southern coast of Spain is one of the most popular places when it comes to people looking for property. Whether it's buying for investment or living more permanently, Spain is still the first choice for many Europeans, and the coast even more so. However, that's not to say that [...]

Electric self-consumption continues increasing

In 2018, electricity self-consumption increased by 80% with respect to the previous year. The so-called energy poverty, is one of the major problems facing the economy of much of the Spanish population today, especially after the last big rise in light, which positions us as the third country in the European Union with the most […]

Tips to improve the appearance of the property to sell

Selling a property is a process that usually takes an average of about eight months. But it can take much longer if the house doesn’t look nice. What can we do if we find ourselves in this situation and don’t want to invest too much capital or time in a refurbishment? A quick facelift, a […]

What to do before undertaking a work in Torrox?

Often customers ask us about building regulations here in our area. This is a guide that can help you if you are thinking of doing any type of work on your properties. Minor Work – All types require an application to the city council to obtain a license covering for example: tiling, plaster, plaster, plaster, […]

Los 10 pueblos más bonitos de Andalucía

1-Frigiliana (Málaga) A partir de una selección inicial de 250 localidades de menos de 10.000 habitantes de toda España, los lectores de EL PAÍS eligieron el pasado otoño sus pueblos favoritos. Y entre ellos, Frigiliana, en la Axarquía malagueña, fue la más votada entre las localidades andaluzas. Ubicada junto al parque natural de las Sierras [...]

A non-recycled air conditioner generates the same amount of CO2 as 250 cars circulating daily.

Coinciding with World Recycling Day, which is celebrated on May 17, Agremia (Association of Enterprises in the Installations and Energy Sector) has highlighted the opportunity that citizens have to recycle air conditioning equipment that is renewed annually with the start of the summer season, according to installers, who have signed an agreement with Ecotic, a […]

What to value when pricing your property

If you want to sell a property, the first step is to put a price on it. When it comes to valuing a property, having a realistic and as accurate an expectation as possible will be a plus point in order to be able to negotiate a price adjusted to the market and speed up […]

The new government of the Junta de Andalucía reduces the Transfer Tax (ITP) to large families

The new government of the Government of Andalusia, has agreed a reduction of ITP (second hand housing) and AJD (brand new housing), to large families. Therefore, a reduced rate is established for the ITP of 3.5% from the 8% that has been paid so far, provided that the purchase of a house does not exceed […]

Which rental regulations should be applied according to the date of the contract?

With the validation on April 3, 2019 of Royal Decree-Law 7/2019, of March 1, ends the show or dance of the Royal Decrees initiated in the month of December by the Government, at least for now, because unfortunately, this social issue, and at the same time controversial, of urban leases will always be present and […]

Pound to Euro rate news, to help you buy Torrox or Nerja property

Do you intend to buy real estate in Torrox this year? If so, before you sit yourself down on the beach, sangria in hand, to enjoy the Spanish sun, it may interest you to know what factors look set to influence the value of the pound versus the euro, looking ahead. After all, this could […]

Reasons why you should move to the Costa de Málaga, and leave it all behind

More than 300 days of sunshine per year On the coast we have a wonderful climate with more than 300 sunny days a year. When the light shines it makes you want to go out to the street or to the countryside and enjoy, and here you can do it all year round. If we talk […]


The managing director of the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia (APPA), Rafael Merino, visited on Wednesday the location where the future construction of the marina Torrox-Nerja is planned and has ensured, after holding a working meeting with the delegate of the Andalusian Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, and the mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina, that […]

What is the selling of “la nuda propiedad?”

With the future looks more than black when we talk about our retirements, and with the ridiculous increases of the same in the last years, it is necessary to look for and to obtain complementary income in the retirement, and this that I comment to them today, every time is more normal, it is about […]

Keys to choosing a mortgage, March 2019

Fixed-rate mortgages are undergoing a major revolution in the real estate market. This ranking of the best fixed-rate mortgages in 2019 compares the interest rates, terms and conditions offered by each bank. Fixed-rate mortgages: Are they better than variable-rate mortgages? Fixed-rate or variable-rate mortgages? Which is better? This is the question we constantly ask ourselves when […]

Brussels opens an infringement procedure against Spain for discriminating against foreign rental owners

Commission gives two months for foreign owners to also benefit from 60% deduction on personal income tax The European Commission announced on Thursday the opening of an infringement procedure against Spain for considering that it gives “discriminatory tax treatment” to foreigners who rent their homes. Brussels has so far sent a letter to the government […]


The Spanish outgoing Government has approved a new rental decree that extends contracts from 3 to 5 years (or 7 if the lessor is a company) and prevents rent increases within the contract above the CPI. It will be the third regulation regulating rent in force in less than three months.This is what you should […]


El Gobierno ha aprobado, de nuevo, tras el varapalo que le dió el Congreso en Enero, un nuevo decreto de alquiler que alarga los contratos de 3 a 5 años (o 7 si el arrendador es una empresa) e impide subidas de renta dentro del contrato por encima del IPC. Será la tercera normativa reguladora del alquiler […]

Spanish government will try their best to make British feel comfortable after a non agreement UK-UE Brexit

You can check the whole decree here The Spanish government will work to make things easier for British residents in Spain, even those without permanent residency status, in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Madrid is planning to offer new residency papers to around 400,000 UK nationals if their country crashes out of the European Union […]


These are some of the main measures contained in the real estate credit law, which Congress approved this Thursday. From the moment the law is effective, so will be the mortgage contracts. Entry into force. By an amendment of Citizens approved this Thursday by Congress, the new real estate credit law will enter into force […]

Andalusia, that enormous set that Cinema needs

It is nothing new that our community is a small representation of our planet, since in a little less than 8 provinces, except the jungle, all the possible landscapes of our planet are represented. The diversity of the landscape, the beauty of the natural scenery and historical buildings, a unique light and a privileged climate, […]


Yes, after it was approved by decree law (which is only allowed in case of special urgency, and what has become this government, passing many laws like this) last December 14, and with entry into force on December 18, the new law of Rent, came to try to “solve” the boom in the price and […]


Well, today we need to travel to the deep Andalusia, the almost unknown, which still resists to leave customs and habits that are already history. The one who only lives from the countryside, from the sweat of her farmers, from the vineyard and the olive grove, from the real Andalusia. In this case, we are […]

The keys to the new rental law

The Government has approved a Royal Decree Law of urgent measures in the matter of housing and rent that modifies, together with other norms, the Law of Urban Leases (LAU) of the year 1994, and has suffered numerous reforms during all these years, adapting to the social and economic necessities of every moment. The Government […]


First of all, to indicate that what I write in this blog, in this case is an opinion, and not necessarily mine, but rather a compendium of what I am told by clients and friends, and that obviously, it is a mere visualization from outside of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, which […]

Tax office ready to go to for owners of holiday rental apartments that work with AiBNB, Homeaway or Booking.com

Next January, the Tax Administration will begin to receive data with relevant information on the identity of the real owners of homes rented for tourism purposes, and the people or entities that hold the rights to these homes and also people or entities renting.The reason will be the entry into operation of the so-called model […]

The fixed mortgage, a new hope for Spanish banks

Mortgages have once again become the star product of banks. With a property market in full growth, and a climate of pseudo euphoria, the financial sector has wanted to bring the water to their mill and improve their offers. Since 2011, in the midst of the crisis, the new owners who needed mortgages, given the […]

A court obliges a bank to assume the costs of cancelling the mortgage.

The bank must assume the cost of the registered cancellation of the mortgage. This was established in a recent ruling by the Bizkaia Provincial Court (click here to read the original text), which condemned Kutxabank to repay the full amount of the disbursement made by the mortgaged clients to cancel the mortgage that had been […]

Novelty in the New Mortgage Law, in the matter of evictions

The foreclosure or seizure in the new Mortgage Law which, as we have already commented recently, is being processed by Congress, will be from 12 unpaid instalments or 3% of the loaned capital, in the first half of the life of the loan, and will be extended to 15 instalments and 7% in the second […]

Possible legal exit to dwellings in La Axarquía, built on undeveloped land

Owners who in good faith purchased a home on land not developable, have found an escape route to get these are considered legal out of order. In July 2016, the Andalusian Parliament approved an amendment to the Andalusian Land Law (LOUA) through which it allowed homes that were built on plots and that were built […]

The new Mortgage Law brings another “blow” for the bank, has to pay for notary and registration fees

The government is preparing a new Mortgage Credit Law, and plans to transfer to the entities all the notary and registration expenses necessary to sign a mortgage, as well as those related to appraisal expenses. Something that without being legislated as such, if it is true that the courts were responsible for returning to customers […]

Christmas flavor? Yes, Rute

  If there is one place in Andalusia where Christmas is probably the most important time of the year, it is certainly Rute. Located in the heart of Andalusia, south of the province of Cordoba, in the region of Subbética, between Iznájar (we will talk about this village wonder), Priego de Cordoba and Lucena, which […]

Lucena, The Pearl of Sefarad, shining with its own light

I want, and I must talk about my city, the one that saw me be born and grow, and in which I started my career in tourism, and I can only start by giving an advance of how much it offers, this time, in the form of a route, but not just any route, but […]

The new Spanish government measures affecting the real estate market

Recently, and with all is falling, and I am not exactly referring to the storms that we are suffering in recent days, the current government of Spain, is agreeing with the different political forces, the General State Budgets for 2019, in which there are certain economic and social measures that directly (I would say very […]


When we are about to buy or sell a property, normally, by having conversations with both the bank and professionals in my sector, we usually use a series of real estate terms that can sometimes be difficult to understand, for that, I have compiled the following dictionary: AENOR It is an entity recognized by the […]

New attempt to start up the Torrox/Nerja marina

Torrox, September 20, 2018 – The spokeswoman of the popular government team in the Torrox City Council, has claimed today “the need to establish a calendar of work with the Junta de Andalucía so that the project of the Axarquía marina is a reality and asks the Junta for a calendar for the construction of […]


Recently released on the Steam games platform, House Flipper, is a video game in which we buy homes in dilapidated condition and transform them until they are fit for the market. The reform process includes everything a person can imagine. So, once the property is acquired, we can grab a demolition mallet and start tearing […]


No es mi intención que este blog se convierta en un lugar para difundir chismes o rumores, pero, en el día a día, los que nos dedicamos a esto, pues nos vamos enterando de cosas, noticias, futuras noticias… que de alguna manera, nos atañen a todos. En este caso, es una historia real, que ciertos […]

Zuheros, that popular unknown (Córdoba)

This blog, not only aims to be a window of information on the real estate market, but, with my knowledge of Andalusia, I also want to encourage you to visit the rest of the Andalusian territory, that's why I dare to talk about places, obviously in those places I have properties for sale or rent, [...]

Of the 20 most beautiful villages in Spain, 3 are less than 3 hours away from Nerja/Torrox.

Recently, the online searcher Trivago, has made a selection, very "sui generis", because fortunately, it is very difficult to make an objective selection of only 20 beautiful villages in our country. Nevertheless, it strikes me that Nerja or Cómpeta are not included, although I can understand that not only beauty is sought, but that they [...]

Going on to discover Deep Andalusia

Andalusia seems to have everything; mountains, snow just a stone's throw from the beach, an almost eternal sun, a rich and diverse cultural and monumental heritage, an almost infinite gastronomy, culture, open and charming people, beautiful cities and towns, well the list is very long. Although it is well known that the coast is one [...]

Farewell to the mortgage opening commission in Spain? 

After three different courts, one in Madrid, another in Vitoria and the last one in Toledo, these payments are declared null and void. They consider it an abuse, because they pay for a service that has not been proven to be offered. The bank does not cease to receive judicial setbacks, and in this case, […]

Granada Airport, so close and with new connections

The airport of Granada-Jaén begins September with the novelty of opening two new international destinations, Berlin and Naples, with the company Easyjet. Therefore, with these two connections, the Federico García Lorca air base now has 7 foreign destinations with which it aspires, uniting national destinations, to exceed one million passengers this year. Therefore, now Granada […]

Spectacular The campaign to make the espeto a World Heritage

#Espetacular #Unesco #Espeto #Sardinas #Malaga The Diputación de Málaga, together with Carta Malacitana and the active Marbella Association, have presented the Espetacular campaign which aims to convey to UNESCO the intention of naming the famous espeto malagueño as intangible heritage of humanity. Other actions developed with the support of the Diputación are the photographic competition […]