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Which electricity tariff best suits my needs?

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We live in a society full of advertising messages. Many electricity companies promise the biggest savings, offering unbeatable prices for the best tariffs, but is this the reality of the case? How can you be sure that it really is the best for you?

Electricity prices change frequently, so you need to choose the right price to save on your electricity bills.

Nowadays, electricity tariffs in our homes are really crucial. There are more and more options on the market, but we must always know how to choose the best and the one that suits us best. Personal conditions are very important in determining the type of tariff and the suppliers to be contracted, but this is not the only factor. In any lighting product, the fact that effective energy saving is also in our hands, do not hesitate to collaborate with the ecosystem.


Electricity tariffs adapted to your home

At this point, you may ask yourself, what type of tariff is best suited to my daily needs? Therefore, you should analyse the characteristics of the house in which you usually live:

  • The address where the building was built
  • How much electricity demand the house needs
  • At what times of the day the house consumes the most electricity

Another important point to consider is the season of the year, because electricity consumption in the warmer months is lower than in the colder months, and this is due to the fact that the hours of daylight are longer.

The electricity tariff will also depend on whether it is a regular property or a second home, as well as the local climate. All of these factors are critical in calculating the approximate kilowatt-hours you will be able to consume. This affects the tariffs and their prices, so you should examine all the alternatives.

How do you know how much electricity you have to pay?

In many cases, it is difficult for us to check whether the conditions of our contracts are good or bad. The energy sector is not as difficult as we think. The easiest way to save money is to understand the terms of the bill and then choose the exchange rate that suits you best.

  • Power term: This is the price you pay based on the agreed energy you have at home. This tariff will be paid if more or less energy is consumed, even if no energy is consumed during the whole month. It is therefore important to adjust the power supply according to your needs in order to optimise your bill.
  • Energy term: The price per kilowatt of electricity consumed throughout the billing cycle.
  • Meter rental: The amount paid to the distribution company. If your meter is owned by the landlord, the fee is zero. The amount usually ranges from 0.50 euros to 0.80 euros per month.
  • Electricity tax: This is a tax levied by the government.

All tariffs are subject to value added tax: according to current regulations.

Where can I save the most?

It’s easier than it looks! Check your last or penultimate electricity bill and analyse the power and energy terms.

As mentioned above, the power term is administered by the government through the Ministry of Industry and is fixed.  All electricity companies should not charge more than the €/kW/day or €/kW/month regulated by the government.

A recommendation, if the energy term is given in the form of kW / day or € / kW / month, always multiply it. Because many companies gave us this number in a few months or days, it seems to be lower, but in fact, if we multiply it, we can compare it with other quotations.

In terms of energy consumption, we can also reduce costs. First, we must always develop the habit of reducing consumption. Remember our advice: do not consume the cheapest kWh!

But we can also compare the kWh prices selected by different electricity companies. To save, we should not only check the power consumed, but also when we have more consumption. Because if our consumption is concentrated at different times of the day, you may be interested in time discriminatory tariffs.

You already know one of the fundamental points for saving money on your household bill.  Choose well and pay attention to the energy and power terms of the different electricity companies. Now that we have explained how to determine if there is a good offer in front of you, you can check for yourself!

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