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Tips to improve the appearance of the property to sell

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Selling a property is a process that usually takes an average of about eight months. But it can take much longer if the house doesn’t look nice. What can we do if we find ourselves in this situation and don’t want to invest too much capital or time in a refurbishment?

A quick facelift, a basic in any property

The buying and selling of a house is a task that goes beyond placing an advertisement, however, if it is not done correctly, these publications can harm us, if the photographs of our property show large flaws or shady and neglected rooms. Thus, the first step we must consider before launching into the market is to give a quick overview of the appearance of the property.

Before taking any pictures, it is important to clean up. As obvious as it may seem, there are many advertisements showing rooms full of junk and dirty. If we don’t have time, a good solution is to hire a professional to do a thorough cleaning.

With clean and tidy property, another thing that can give a new look to an aged home is a coat of white paint or a neutral tone. We can do this in a weekend or two, but it will make the rooms look cleaner and brighter. In fact, if there are smokers in the house, this task should be basic to remove smoke stains.

It would be convenient to leave only those pieces of furniture that are in good condition and help to get an idea of the space. For example, a bed or dining table with chairs.

A good trick is to use some basic decoration complements, such as flowers or mirrors, and eliminate those that are too personal, such as family photographs. In addition, we will always get a better presence if we dress the rooms with curtains, cushions and similar that give it a warm touch. A good reference can be found in low cost furniture stores, where with very little money can create environments to suit almost everyone.

Making reforms: a necessary investment?

The small adjustments that we have seen can be key for our flat to be a candy for future buyers. In fact, these aesthetic changes tend to be more a result than getting into works. However, there are cases where it is not enough to paint and clean.

A very old bathroom or an impracticable kitchen can turn back those who are looking for a house to live in. In these cases we must be intelligent and think how much we are willing to invest and how much can be revalued with that renovation. In this way, we will avoid losing money along the way.

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