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What to value when pricing your property

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If you want to sell a property, the first step is to put a price on it. When it comes to valuing a property, having a realistic and as accurate an expectation as possible will be a plus point in order to be able to negotiate a price adjusted to the market and speed up the negotiations with potential buyers. Having reliable information it is possible to maintain the position in a negotiation (knowing that the price is correct) or to discard offers that are far from the objective and suppose a waste of time. The estimates that can be carried out by different appraisers can be varied, and relying on the opinion of only one person can be insufficient.

For this reason, it is important to know what to take into account when valuing a property and to make sure that the valuation is as accurate and correct as possible, there are several aspects that should be considered when valuing a property before selling it:

1) Surface area of the house: the square meters of the house are a very important factor for the overall valuation, although it is true that some issues such as the usefulness of space also influence.

2) Location of the house: this is also a logical aspect that should be considered. Thus, it will not be the same whether the house is in the centre of Madrid, in a village in Segovia, or on the Costa del Sol. If the area is good, the services and public transport possibilities high or if it is an area with a lot of noise, will be elements that will influence when estimating the value of a property.

3) State of the building: we have to take into account the age of the building as well as whether it is rehabilitated. It is also important to consider whether it has an elevator or other elements that can add value to the people who live in the building.

4)State of the interior: in the same way, the state of the interior of the property should be considered. If it has been renovated, if it has market preferences, such as wooden floors or if the windows are made of Climalit, these are other issues that may cause the valuation to vary. In addition, on this point, we can decide to carry out some modifications in the dwelling with the aim of increasing its value.

5)Orientation and distribution: the entry of light into a dwelling is another of the aspects that must be valued, and also the views it offers. Likewise, the fact that the spaces are distributed in a reasonable way is also positive. And the number of rooms or bathrooms, as well as the presence of a terrace or garden, can also be relevant factors.

A good way to start valuing a property is to find out the prices at which other properties in the area are being sold, preferably in the same building and under the same conditions, according to the aspects we have just mentioned.

Knowing these sales prices and the characteristics of these properties can help us to get a more or less precise idea of how much we can sell our property by means of a comparison with our own, and there are also online tools that can be of great help in facilitating the work of valuing a property as professionals.

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