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The importance of the change of owner in the electricity supply in a rental

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Every time a tenant leaves the house or enters a residential area, changing ownership of the supplies is an important and sometimes tedious process. But this is very important.

It must be done well, otherwise, if it is not done correctly, it can cause inconvenience and debt to the landlord. By changing the owner, you will avoid conflicts with the company and the tenants. Therefore, receipts, debts and payment claims will be transferred directly to the tenant.

This is the first procedure to be carried out for water, electricity and gas. Changes must be made the same day the new lease is signed.

It should be noted that even if the tenant does not make any changes and does not make the payment, the landlord cannot revoke the termination of the lease or demand eviction. For this reason, it is important to request changes and do them well, otherwise you may end up incurring payments and debts. It is therefore strongly recommended that a clause be added to the lease allowing for fines to be imposed on tenants who do not change owners or return registered, debt-free supplies.

In addition, as a landlord, it is important to ensure that once the contract is terminated, there is no debt to the company. To avoid this, we must make changes as soon as possible.

What documents are needed to change the name of the consumables

The change of owner must be made by the tenant or his authorised person. To make changes, the tenant must call the utility company and provide the following data:

Identification with the personal data of the former owner ( name, surname and ID card)
Identification with the new owner’s personal data: (name, surname and ID card)
Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS): This is the identification number of each electricity supply point. The equivalent of the DNI of the household. It is unique and non-transferable and will not change even if there is a sale or a change of company.
Exact address of the supply point
Bank details where the payment of the bills will be debited

To make changes, there must be no outstanding receipts. It is also important to be aware that the new owner of the supply has the right to change the tariffs and the company.

Changes of owner are not made immediately, they will take effect within 15 or 20 working days of your request. In addition, the final receipt will always arrive in the name of the previous owner to associate the consumption to their name.

If the property is an old home and the electrical bulletin is more than 20 years old, it is obligatory to ask for a new one from an accredited company so that the distributor can verify if the electrical installation of the home is in good condition.

What is the price of the change of ownership?

Changing the owner of the electricity contract is a completely free process, although in some cases changing the owner of the electricity can generate costs.

If, before changing ownership, you also decide to change the company you hired before, you should make sure there is no promise to stay with the current company.
Another situation in which the new owner may have to bear the cost is if you decide to change the contractual electricity. Increasing and decreasing contract power means costs to the owner.
If the electricity bulletin is more than 20 years old when the change is requested from the contract holder, the bulletin may be sent to him for renewal. The price of the reform project is between 65 euros and 310 euros, depending on the installation company, the type of electrical installation and the autonomous community.

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