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Recommendations for household savings

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By following these simple tips, you can reduce your household expenses. Electricity, water, heating … you will be surprised how easy it is to save with small acts.

 -Structure your lighting.

Lighting accounts for almost 20% of energy consumption. You should effectively plan the highlights and install systems that control their intensity, such as dimmers instead of switches. Improve point light sources: Indirect light sources consume more. Also, if walls and ceilings are painted in light colours, they will be brighter, so less light will be consumed. It is important not to overspend on electricity.

Replacing all light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs can save about 8 euros per bulb per year. If, for example, we have 30 bulbs in the house, it will be around 240 euros per year. LEDs are more efficient and are increasingly used in home decoration.

-What is the comfort temperature?

The ideal comfort for a family depends on many factors, including the temperature of the house. For this reason, it is estimated that 20ºC is the best temperature for the whole house.

Every time you increase the temperature by one degree, the consumption will increase by 5% to 10%. Set it to 15ºC at night or when you are away. A good temperature setting can save you around 100 euros a year.

-Always keep the boiler in perfect condition

A dusty or greasy boiler consumes more energy. Don’t wait until it is damaged before you check it, because with good regular maintenance, you can not only extend its life, but also reduce your bills by 10%. Ideally, you should check it once a year at the beginning of the season.

-Check the installations

This is necessary for safety reasons and to avoid excessive costs. New homes should be checked every 10 years and those over 25 years old should be followed up every 5 years. Before doing this, make a budget.

-Microwaves are better than ovens

Microwaves consume much less energy than ovens. However, if you want to use the latter, do not open the door too much at run time.

-Install an aerator and a device to reduce the flow at the tap.

It is very easy to install aerators on the tap because they are bought from a hardware store and screwed onto the tap outlet. In addition, if you also install an accelerator, the water consumption of the tap will increase from 15 to 8 litres per minute, and the water consumption of the shower will increase from 20 to 10 litres.

In the bathroom, you should be very clear that the toilet is not a waste bin. Do not throw paper in there and empty the water tank. To avoid this, have a small bucket in the bathroom. It is estimated that 30% of water consumption comes from toilets, and each person tends to flush them a thousand times a year.

Watch out for leaks: it is estimated that a leaky tap wastes about 35,000 litres of water each year. When you notice water leaks, turn off the tap when it is not in use. If your toilet is leaking, you can do the same.

-Insulate the home thermally

Insulating materials can provide sustainability and savings, these two aspects coexist, which has become the main reason for opting for this type of material, which is increasingly appearing in homes.

-Saving resources

Fill the washing machine and dishwasher. If you halve the time you use these devices, you can save around 130 euros a year. When operating at half load, always use the eco programme.

-Estimate your consumption

The consumption scale can help you to immediately understand your consumption in euros. They are not very expensive (from 61 euros) and can reduce your electricity bill by 45% (if you use natural gas for heating, they can reduce it by up to 20%). Some of them can be programmed to switch off.

-Review your home energy tariffs

There is a wide range of electricity tariffs on the Spanish energy market. Compare and choose the one that best suits your needs and consumption habits. We can find 100% renewable companies with green light, with hourly discrimination, unique prices, etc.

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