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What is green energy and how can it be contracted at home?

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Green electricity allows more ecosystem-conscious consumers to use electricity obtained from natural resources.

What do we mean by green electricity?

Green energy, also known as renewable energy or clean energy, is energy produced from 100% renewable sources. It is generated and fed into the electricity grid, where it is difficult to distinguish it from non-renewable energy.

If renewable and non-renewable energies end up being fed into the grid, how does the consumer know that the energy he consumes at home is renewable? Quite simply, the trader certifies to the user that the same amount of energy consumed at home will be generated from renewable sources and discharged into the grid.

Green energy is environmentally friendly because it is generated from renewable resources, thus reducing pollutant emissions to zero.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is clean, non-polluting energy that comes from inexhaustible resources provided by nature itself. Over time it is becoming increasingly important, i.e. it contributes to the fight against climate change by not producing greenhouse gases or polluting.

Differences between renewable and non-renewable energies:

Renewable energy

Non-renewable energy:

Clean Energy Contaminates
Inexhaustible energy sources Limited energy source
No pollutant emissions or greenhouse gases Produces greenhouse gases
Energy independence Foreign energy dependence


Renewable energy comes from different resources, such as water (freshwater or tidal energy), air, sunlight or organic waste.

Types of renewable energy

As mentioned above, nature allows us to obtain electricity through different resources. Thus, there are different types of renewable energies depending on the resource or source used.

-Wind: Energy is produced by the movement of wind turbines that are driven by the wind.
-Solar: Extracts energy from solar panels. They use the sun’s energy in two ways:
-Photovoltaic: energy from the sun’s rays hitting the panels is used.
-Thermal: stores the heat produced by the sun’s rays.
-Hydraulic or hydroelectric: The energy is produced by the force with which water falls into rivers, streams or dams. Always fresh water.
-Tidal power: It is produced by the movement of the tides.
-Biomass: Energy is obtained through the combustion of organic waste such as shavings, vine residues or olive pits.
-Geothermal energy: Energy contained in the inner part of the Earth.

Each type of renewable energy requires specific installation and maintenance, but the quality of the energy generated by all renewable energies is the same as what we understand as traditional energy.

How profitable are green electricity tariffs?

The terms of a green electricity tariff depend directly on the company with which the user has concluded the contract, as each supplier is free to set its own.

While the terms of the contract are predetermined by the electricity companies, the user will benefit from a number of returns offered by green energy.

Benefits Tariffs for 100% renewable electricity:

-Easy maintenance
-Energy independence (no dependence on third party purchases)
-Energy efficiency
-Ecosystem protection
-Care for natural resources (energy obtained from inexhaustible energy sources such as the sun or wind).

The cost of renewable electricity is not higher than that of other energies. However, the customer should contract the one that offers the best conditions and prices. To do this, he/she should compare the different green electricity offers on the market.

Guarantee of electricity origin

With each electricity bill, the distributor must give the user the Electricity Guarantee of Origin Certificate, issued by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC).

The Guarantee of Origin certifies that a specific amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity has been produced from renewable energy. Thus, in order to assure users that the energy they will consume at home is green, the Guarantee of Origin and the labelling of the electricity system have been created within the European framework.

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