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Seguridad integral para tu inmueble

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f you have home insurance for your home, you will be financially protected from certain problems and claims that may occur at home.

However, there are many security systems that can prevent certain accidents in the home. Deciding which one is most effective or suitable for your situation or your family can even be complicated. That’s why, in this article, we’ll take a look at the best security systems currently available and their features.

Family security – where to start?

The first thing to know is that there are many different security systems:

Alarms: These are the most commonly used security systems. Home alarms usually have a deterrent effect and can prevent burglars from entering your home. In addition, if something happens in your home, the system will alert you immediately, which can prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.
Remote control: With the help of these devices, we can know what is happening at home from anywhere, and control notifications to emergency services when necessary.
Video surveillance: These systems allow us to visualise what is happening in the home in real time. In this way, the alarm centre can know whether it is a real alarm or a false alarm. In addition, these images can also be used to identify intruders and can even be used as evidence in court.
Alarm receiving centre: This security system can provide 24-hour personal monitoring from the centre. They determine whether the alarm is true or false, alert the user and the emergency services …
Intervention and monitoring: Although this system is not very common, it is very effective. When the alarm sounds, several security professionals will contain potential intruders until the police arrive. It also includes frequent patrols around the area of origin.
Comprehensive security: This is the most complete system, because the security company will study the security requirements and install the best system for each situation.

In recent years, alarm systems and other security elements have developed incredibly. A good security system should not only ensure that your home is not in danger, but should also take the necessary measures. One of the most important factors in this respect is time.

The attributes of the current home security system are:

-Even if they are attacked by hackers or even natural disasters, they can operate without batteries.
-They have many uses: the alarm system can not only warn of intrusions, but also warns of fires, gas leaks …
-High-quality images and sounds in video surveillance systems.
-With the help of detection algorithms, the motion detection system can distinguish between humans and animals.
-It is quick and easy to install.
-It can be controlled remotely with the help of a WiFi connected device.
-The battery is more powerful and long-lasting.
-Can be connected to devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Watch.
-Duress PIN: includes a method to secretly notify the user when someone tries to break into the alarm system.
-Different alarm notifications can be customised.
-Its range of action distance is much wider than traditional systems.
-The form of user identification is more secure, such as fingerprints, retina…

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