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First of all, to indicate that what I write in this blog, in this case is an opinion, and not necessarily mine, but rather a compendium of what I am told by clients and friends, and that obviously, it is a mere visualization from outside of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, which as I always say, has the “Tourism by punishment” (what a punishment!!), due to its beautiful beaches, and its more or less (less than more) well maintained form of small fishing village.

Obviously, the uncontrolled growth of the tourist load that the city bears throughout the year, concentrated between July and October, but which in recent years has also increased during the rest of the year, especially noticeable in the lack of space in the city for an exorbitant number of cars, not only to park, but to travel.

Nor does it help that the city council, which is the one that should pull the cart of growth and sustainability of the city, is always in an eternal effervescence, without providing useful and disinterested solutions to many problems for years and with different parties in power and opposition, but especially that it has not been understood that tourism is for and by this city, and that it has never been given the true importance.

I believe, and this is my opinion, that the position of Councillor for Tourism should be held by the Mayor himself, due to the transversality of tourism, which is affected by everything.

To give an example of the municipality’s nonsense, it is not understood because the works, which should begin in November and end in March at the latest, begin in April and end in mid-July. It is not a criticism, it is a reality that is lived year after year. I must imagine that it is due to the slowness of the bureaucracy at the time of contracting the services. Nor is cleanliness the strength of the city, which, as we have said, suffers an enormous burden of people on a daily basis, and the effort to keep it clean is not enough.

However, Nerja is a barge that, although adrift, nevertheless, is on a fixed and safe course, and it seems that despite everything, the city is a magnet for tourism, and it is to be congratulated.

Undoubtedly, the Cave of Nerja, The Balcony of Europe, its beautiful beaches, the rich gastronomy, the incredible climate, etc… they can abound with any problem that arises, although it is not solved, and they take to the city to a place of honor as for the quality and goodness of the services that are lent, because Nerja is above all people, good working people and very warm, that is in the end what really are the tourist cities.

In short, and as I have always defended, Nerja can beat everything, because Nerja is TOURISM IN PURE STATE.

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