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Real estate services in Nerja and Torrox

Sale of real estate and properties

Real estate based in Torrox.

I offer a personalized treatment, and a contrasted experience as an intermediary in the purchase and sale of all types of properties, opportunities and large real estate investments, in various locations, both in Torrox, Nerja, Frigiliana, Torre del Mar … and much of the Andalusian territory.

As a real estate broker, I collaborate in network with all the real estate companies and promoters and I can get the property of your interest.



a) I like to meet with the owners and have them explain their needs and I explain my way of working.

b) Normally this is in the property, so once there we can determine the selling price and sign a contract of sale order and acceptance of the commission stipulated.

c) The price is very important, in this case, always the owner has the last word, although I will advise you, taking into account my knowledge of the market at that time, and will be reflected in the contract of permission to sell.


When we have signed the sales contract,

a) I will need a simple note of the house and a copy of the receipt of the IBI.

b) We will also need a copy of the Energy Efficiency Certificate or, if applicable, we offer you a professional who will be in charge of obtaining it.

c) If necessary, a photographic report of the property is made.

d) Publication of the property and its characteristics on my website.

d) Publication in the most relevant national and international real estate portals. (whenever necessary)

e)Promotion of the property in the more than 60 collaborating agencies in the Real Estate network to which I belong, to obtain the greatest diffusion.

f)Programming of individualized visits to find the best buyer.


Additionally, and obviously, if necessary and approved by the client, through the homestaging service we will prepare the property to make it more attractive.

a) Our interior design professional will carry out a study of the needs of the property.

b) A budget of the necessary actions will be presented.

c) We count on diverse collaborating companies, to furnish and redecorate your property.


a) I will negotiate the best conditions, always following your wishes and indications, and I will keep you up to date with everything that has been said.
b) I will draw up the contract of sale commitment reflecting what has been agreed between the two parties.
c) I will take care of the necessary administrative formalities until the signing of the deed.
d) Once the sale purchase is completed and the agreed commission paid, an official invoice with VAT of the service offered will be delivered.
e) If you need it, we can put you in contact with a reliable company that will make the move.

Purchase of real estate and properties


Access our property search engine and choose the property or properties that best suit your needs.
You can also give us your data and when we have in portfolio the property that adapts to what you need, we will send you the information and if you agree, we will be able to visit the property.

Our portfolio of properties is extensive, as it is nourished by our properties and also by other agencies with which we collaborate in a network.

Under no circumstances do we charge the buyer.


  1. I meet with the client to determine the type of property he is interested in, the area, the profitability he expects, the financing available, the budget, the terms, as well as any other factor that together we consider important to take into account.
  2. I make a first selection of properties that meet the defined characteristics and we decide which of them we make a first visit to see which ones are best suited to what you are looking for.
  3. Once one is chosen, an offer can be made to the selling party and we negotiate to obtain the best possible price that will make both parties happy.
  4. Once the price is accepted, a purchase commitment contract is formalized.
  5. If you need it, I can also help you to find the best financing for the purchase of the property.
  6. In addition, I take care of all the administrative formalities necessary for the signing of the contract(s) up to the deed of purchase.
  7. If the property or properties acquired need some reform, we can put you in contact with the company specializing in property reforms with which we have worked previously and we know that it is serious, so that you can carry out the works in the shortest possible time and in the best economic conditions.
  8. If you need it, we can put you in contact with a reliable company that will carry out the removal.

Real estate services in Nerja and Torrox


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