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What to do before undertaking a work in Torrox?

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Often customers ask us about building regulations here in our area. This is a guide that can help you if you are thinking of doing any type of work on your properties.

Minor Work – All types require an application to the city council to obtain a license covering for example: tiling, plaster, plaster, plaster, bathroom reforms and generally any work to maintain your property without altering the interior walls or the structure of the property.

“Minor Works Licence

* Depending on your municipality, this application may take between 2 and 4 months. Applications cannot be made on the same day. There is an application process and no work can be done at any time until full approval is received. If you do not adhere to this and are caught, the minimum fine is 600 euros, most will be considerably higher.

* The mere fact of applying for and paying taxes does not entitle you in any way to start working.

* Some builders will tell you that they can get and get approved licenses in a couple of days. This is totally false. All they will actually get is a document that says they have paid and applied. At the very least all this will allow them to do is clean up the property from furniture, etc. in preparation, this does NOT allow them to start any construction work at this point.

* The charges for this license vary from one city to another between 2.5% and 7%. There is also another charge that is for the proper disposal of garbage, debris, etc. from the work, which is about 200 euros. This can be redeemed once the work has been completed and you have the certificate stamped to say you have met the requirements.

* It is possible for you to apply for these licences yourself, but it is becoming increasingly difficult as some municipalities now require an architect to sign the application to confirm the works to be carried out.


* This license is for ALL work that involves altering walls, adding a floor, ceiling, altering the layout of a property, changing openings in exterior walls, etc.

* You will need the services of an architect for this, your fees will depend on the work required and if you want him to supervise the work. It is not always necessary to pay for more visits, as they carry out periodic inspections as part of their costs.

* In addition to the rubbish bin (mentioned above), you will also need to leave an additional deposit to ensure that the street, roads off your property is left in the same condition as when you started the works, which is generally around 3,000 euros again, this is refundable once the work is completed, although it may take some time depending on the speed of your town hall.

* This application may take several months and again you cannot proceed with any work without the full approval and confirmation of your architect.

* It can be frustrating to go through a minefield legislation, but the fines are now greater than ever. It is worth making sure you have a trusted builder who is legal here (and his workers are legal) to avoid the risk of having to tear down the works and never get permission to work on the property again. This could leave you with large fines and a property you can’t live in or sell. You have the right to request documentation to confirm that your builder is legal, as are your men. If not, you could also be fined a minimum of 3,000 per person. You will also have problems selling your property, since your new works will not be legally added to your deed and other documents. Take some responsibility and don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good builder will appreciate your interest. I hope this has been helpful in giving you a guide to what is needed when thinking about refurbishing houses here in Andalucia.

If you have any questions or need help or a quote of any kind I can help you.



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