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Advantages of installing an alarm in the home, including rental homes

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Many times, you want to know if you really need an alarm to protect your home. No matter where you are, you should know that alarms are one of the best security features. Whether it is to prevent burglaries or to intercept when necessary, alarms provide the best protection.

However, if you have any doubts, in today’s article we will reveal the different advantages of installing an alarm in the home.

The main attributes of having an alarm installed in your property are:

  • Protection: Of course, the main advantage is the protection it provides. Thanks to good alerts, your home will be protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are complex systems that cannot be destroyed or removed because of the comprehensive security they provide.
  • Deterrence: This is important when considering whether you really need an alert. During installation, the technician will place the identification sign on the door or in the obvious position on the façade.

This way, anyone will know that your house is protected. Therefore, it makes the burglar think twice. Remember, more than 85% of burglaries are impulsive and unplanned. If you inform the burglar that your home is protected, he may not go there.

  • Versatility: A good alarm can complement many other security systems. This is what makes it the cornerstone of a comprehensive security system.

For example, you can connect the alarm to an alarm receiving centre. This way, in the event of activation, you will receive a response from the operator within seconds.

In turn, you can use it in conjunction with systems such as access control, which can detect that you have gone home and turn off the alarm.

However, it’s not all about burglaries and break-ins. With the help of accident prevention detectors, you can also protect your home from possible fires, floods or gas leaks.

  • Convenience: Thanks to technological advances worldwide and at any time of the day, you can operate alarms remotely.
  • Savings: If you have an alarm system in your home, most insurance policies can offer much cheaper prices. In turn, with good insurance, you can get mortgage and loan subsidies.
  • Peace of mind: You may not know it until now, but with a home alarm system, you can not only protect yourself from intruders entering your property, but you can also get medical help in an emergency involving you or any other family member. Especially in homes with elderly people or a medical history, it is often recommended to install a home security system with home telecare. A help component or button needs to be added, and the alarm receiving centre communicates directly with the emergency centre in the area. In this way, when the signal is pressed, the request for medical help will become valid, and the staff will go directly to the location without further effort from the patient.
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