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Claves para vender o alquilar más rápido la vivienda

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When it comes to selling or renting a property, this can be done through a real estate agency or on behalf of the owner.

According to the General Council of Notaries, the data for home sales in March 2021 represents a year-on-year variation of 83.72%, or 59,692 transactions.

More and more people prefer to sell or rent their property through a real estate agency. This option can be expensive because you know that this option does not have to be done through intermediaries. However, many people prefer to sell or rent their home through real estate agencies because they are not completely familiar with the issues related to real estate agents, lawyers, certification bodies and banks. Another important reason for agencies is that they will help you sell or rent your house faster.

The keys to preparing a property

The vast majority of people looking for a flat to rent or buy want to find a good property that suits their needs and at a good price.

There is a lot of advice on how to sell houses, but tenants have more and more information about the area. It is becoming clearer what type of housing they want and what properties they should have to meet their needs and desires.

Current trends relate to energy savings and sustainability. The natural factor, such as open spaces, terraces, balconies and natural light, as well as the quality of the structure and construction of the house play a very important role. If the house is not a self-consumption house, it is always a good thing to have green energy distributors.

  1. Doing a complete renovation of the houseWhile this is a major investment, there is a tendency for the tenant looking to rent or buy a house to consider the energy efficiency of the house, including the appliances themselves.

    It is often the case that the prospect of obsolete homes demands a significant discount on the quality or appearance presented.

    In many cases, this can be achieved by redesigning the appearance of the house, such as: removing cracks, moisture, replacing old sockets with new, modern ones, replacing the heating or electrical installation with new alternatives.

    In addition, it is essential to have an electrical installation in good condition. For this, it is necessary to have the Electrical Installation Certificate.

  1. Not limited to the Spanish marketCurrently, foreigners invest a lot in houses in Spain, so it is important to increase sales opportunities if they are published on international platforms or if experts do not forget the emphasis on foreign countries.
  1. Use publicity materialIn addition to having a good and reliable real estate agency, it is important to take into account the advertising factor and that someone who visits the property you are renting or buying will remember it. An example of this is the support provided by advertising on the portal or visible page that is noticeable at a glance or even shows the flat with high quality photos.
  1. Take advantage of the open dayThe famous “open day”. This terminology refers to a day dedicated to the excitement of potential buyers. In addition to the experience of visiting the property with the appropriate professional training, direct competition arises.
  1. Depersonalising the houseThose interested in living can imagine their own house as they see fit. It is therefore important to facilitate this process.

    It is therefore recommended to remove all old furniture, possibly leaving the one with the most potential or where its presence is justified.

  1. Repair any damagesIn the event that there is a water leak in the house, a damaged light bulb, a door that won’t close or anything else in disrepair, it needs to be fixed. This is important to sell a house better because if potential buyers see damp, mould or other damage, they will probably not buy it or will ask for a discount.

What do I need to consider with stakeholders?

It is common not to know what to do or what factors to consider when discussing a particular buyer. In these cases, estate agents are responsible for qualifying potential buyers. They do this process through their client acquisition work, and they need to know whether clients are in a position to make a purchase or whether they are simply wasting their time.

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