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The new European regulation on tourist rentals will represent ‘a before and an after’ in the pursuit of illegal tourist rental offerings

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The new proposed regulation for the short-term rental market is about to be approved, and from what is known, it is expected that transparency in the data provided by platforms like Airbnb will be crucial to ensure that irregularities do not prevail in this sector.

The position of the State Secretary for Tourism regarding the need to access detailed information about activity on these platforms to detect illegal rentals and have accurate data is clear. The aim is to effectively combat the underground market of tourist rentals, prompting it to either change its activity or register formally.

The proposal to create a single registry where platforms must input data on vacation rental activity will be a significant step forward. Once approved, this measure could provide a solid foundation for decision-making in regulating the sector.

Airbnb’s stance is also relevant. Providing necessary data to local authorities for tourism regulation is a necessary change. Additionally, proper regulation could establish uniform standards and ensure a quality experience for tourists.

It’s believed that regulation not only benefits businesses but also ensures a standard of quality for properties intended for tourist rentals. Avoiding the current uncertainty and establishing clear rules could either provide a positive boost to the sector or, conversely, pose a setback for small investors. It’s still unclear how it will impact the housing market in tourist areas.

Many believe that regulation shouldn’t be prohibitive but rather balanced and consistent at a national level. This would guarantee the quality of properties while avoiding disparities and promoting a fairer market.

Moreover, it’s crucial to debunk the idea that tourist rentals drive up property prices or displace residents. In reality, they can decentralize tourist demand and distribute wealth among local property owners, generating employment and benefiting local businesses.

In summary, a well-designed regulation could elevate the sector’s quality and benefit all involved parties, as long as it focuses on establishing standards and avoids excessive restrictions. On the other hand, it might prompt some current renters to opt for different types of rentals or to sell their property.

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